why ASI?


ASI is early adopter of Graph technologies and Graph learning into Insurance Analytics. AADI Graph Analytics platform is built in 2018 and released early 2019. Watch AI World Conference

We enable quick adoption of Advanced Analytics using Graph technologies in Insurance companies. Our Founder presented on how in Watch AI World Conference 2021

ASI combined Graph Analytics and Advanced Analytics with traditional BI which delivers Graph Analytics, AI/ML models, finding Patterns and creating / deploying / manage Dashboards and reports is made very easy.

How do we do it

Small victories to Big bang solution to fit long term Analytics road map

Agile way of deployment. Ability to configure and deploy MVP every 6 – 12 weeks.

Our solution can co-exist with existing customer’s solutions and integrate into Client’s Enterprise.

We combine disparate data sources into unified Graph database and run analytics on unified data. Unification happens progressively MVP over MVP.

How we do it

Our clientele