We started ASI Analytics with the mission to fill a gap in the reporting and analytics space in the insurance industry. Over the last 5 years, carriers have continued their digital transformation projects to replace core Policy, Claims, and Billing systems. But the reporting solutions that are bundled with these new platforms are limited, expensive, and time consuming to implement.

ASI has developed a platform for P&C and Life carriers that combines the latest technologies in Graph Database, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning to provide insights into data in as little as 90 days. We provide an alternative to buying tools and hiring an expensive team of consultants to spend 12-18 months building and deploying a BI solution. Our platform is pre-built Out of The Box and will allow you aggregate data from virtually all your systems into one reporting and analytics engine, giving you a 360-degree view.

Insurance Data Dashboards

All vendors offer reports. But can the reports be created in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks? Can your users create their own powerful, data-driven dashboards? AADI was built to provide enterprise reports pulling and comparing data from ALL your data sources, not just your Claims system or your Policy system.

Real Insurance Analytics

We know insurance and we understand the limitations of current BI tools to run meaningful analytics. Using the power or Graph, we built our platform to visually represent the relationships in your data AND between your data. AADI is the first analytics solution built for the insurance industry using the advantages of Graph Analytics and deep link analysis. What does this technology mean to you? You can get a complete view of your customer, your agents, or your claims. You can investigate Fraud. You can make compliance and reporting less time consuming. You can finally get Real Insights from your data, unified, on one platform.

Why ASI?


ASI is an early adopter of Graph technologies and Graph learning in the Insurance industry.  We started building our AADI Graph Analytics platform in 2018 to offer an alternative to the currently available relational database reporting systems. Watch AI World Conference.

Our platform allows quick adoption of Advanced Analytics using Graph technologies.  Our Founder, Sai Burra, presented our technology at the Watch AI World Conference 2021

ASI built its Analytics platform on TigerGraph, bringing unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use, and world-record speed to Analytics and GSQL.  We have combined Graph Analytics and Advanced Analytics with traditional BI to deliver dashboards that non-IT users can build and deploy.  Our solution which allows your claims team, underwriters, and brokers/agents to create their own reports – without the need for expensive additional licenses and without the need to create a request for your overburdened IT department. 

Our clientele