ASI Analytics is an InsurTech started in 2018 by a group of Insurance Industry Leaders, Architects, and Data Scientists with the mission of building an Analytics Solution for P&C and Life insurance carriers.  For years our customers have been telling us their traditional reporting/BI solutions weren’t able to provide enough insight into their data.  The solutions they were building required multimillion dollar budgets and years to deploy.  And the reports they could run were limited by incomplete data because their data was siloed in multiple Policy, Claims, Billing, CRM, and Underwriting applications.

After researching emerging technologies that could potentially address the reporting and analytics problem our customers were having, we chose graph database as our platform.  Graph databases are up to 1000x faster than relational databases for deep analysis of relationships.  Relational databases store data in columns and rows requiring time consuming table joins to analyze relationships.  Graph databases store data as pre-connected entities so there is no need for table joins.  ASI has spent the last 3 years working with data scientists to develop a powerful and easy to use reporting and analytics platform that builds on the power of graph databases and utilizes ML with components of AI to provide access to data.

The end-result of our research and development is AADI – an advanced analytics platform that uses dashboards, powerful tools, and graph visualizations to provide true insight into claims, policy, and customer data.