Advanced Analytics

Analytics is the systematic computational analysis used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Organizations apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

The amount and type of available data have grown exponentially. Access to this pool of information creates a significant competitive advantage and provides a unique opportunity to conduct in-depth analysis for critical business improvements and gaps in the market to exploit.

Organizations can leverage data to improve cost savings, redefine processes, drive market strategy, establish competitive differentiators and, perhaps most importantly, build an exceptional and truly personalized customer experience. As a result, analytics has become one of the most important tools at an organization’s disposal.


Insurance Fraud Analytics

BeyondScor enables Fraud analytics beyond Fraud Identification through scoring models. 

BeyondScor Fraud Analytics is built on the AADI Graph Analytics Platform that brings together best practices accumulated from several mature deployments. BeyondScor Fraud Analytics includes a combination of software, customization and training. 

BeyondScor enables acceleration of a Fraud Analytics solution using a pre-built solution template. The template includes workflows and parsers, along with Graph learning based models that allow you to start delivering the analytics reports and dashboards faster.  

The Deployment and Implementation component of the solution encompasses the following deliverables

  • Identification of data sources, transformation and reporting engine
  • Access management and authentication integration
  • Knowledge transfer on customizing reports