Analytics is the systematic computational analysis used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Organizations apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

The amount and type of available data have grown exponentially. Access to this pool of information creates a significant competitive advantage and provides a unique opportunity to conduct in-depth analysis for critical business improvements and gaps in the market to exploit.

Organizations can leverage data to improve cost savings, redefine processes, drive market strategy, establish competitive differentiators and, perhaps most importantly, build an exceptional and truly personalized customer experience. As a result, analytics has become one of the most important tools at an organization’s disposal.

AADI Graph Analytics Platform

The AADI Graph Analytics Platform is the core application built to apply leading-edge computational data analytics algorithms to enable user-focused results. We help our customers consolidate data from disparate sources to build a Unified view of the data and using AADI provides information for decision making.

AADI Graph Analytics Platform offers powerful data analytics and dashboarding functionality. It is easy to create, automate, analyze, and visualize multiple complex datasets to discover hidden patterns. The data is interpreted and presented in different visualizations that can be changed on the fly.

AADI platform

Our applications and solutions are built with key features and benefits for carriers: 


  • AADI is a highly customizable Graph Analytics solution which offers rich features in Graph Analytics, Traditional BI and Visualization. 
  • A user-friendly data analytics and business intelligence platform that allows anyone within your organization to manage large and complex datasets as well as analyze and visualize this data without your IT department getting involved. 
  • Users can identify trends, recognize new opportunities and improve productivity. 
  • Powerful collaboration features (data and reports can be shared via email as well as integrated with other applications). 
  • Analyze large data volumes from various sources utilizing Unified Analytics.
  • Take advantage of data archiving, versioning, a self-service portal, and alerts/notifications. 
  • Supports the entire analytics cycle; from discovery to complete operations, you can visualize, analyze, and share actionable insights. 
  • Templated reports and dashboard with 60 + reporting styles(e.g. Charts). New Graph UI templates are available. 
  • AADI provides Multi Dataset Analytics built with the latest AI / ML solutions. 
  • Comes with Pre-built Data pipelines which can be modified for Data processing and data analysis. 
  • Provides self-service, role-based dashboards enabling users to build their own dashboards and applications.
  • Easily filter through volumes of data with intuitive filtering (e.g., checkboxes and radio buttons).


  • Discover hidden patterns in your data by seeing a visualized report. 
  • Gain access to unstructured data including email, text, forms, social media etc. 
  • Easily take dashboards and visualizations to the next level using a rapid development and deployment environment. 
  • Enable your data analysts and business users to easily integrate different data sources, perform advanced data analysis, build interactive business dashboards, and generate actionable business insights. 
  • Build new dashboards and reports without new code modifications. 
  • Leverage data and metrics to make informed decisions about agents, claims, underwriting, and fraud.